Justice for "all" by Kadie Nugent

Lately watching the news is like putting your head in a blender. 

I'm at the gym and there #45 is on every other TV. (Am I throwing up because I haven't been consistent in working out in over a year or am I just reacting to his lack of empathy for *real issues* that affect *real* people?? Both?) I'm on Facebook on my phone and NowThis (and other)  videos are making the news tiny edible bits that can inundate my day whenever I reach for my phone. You get sucked in. 

So maybe just living in 2017 where everything is accessible is like putting your head in a blender. But when #45 is in that blender with you, it's exponentially worse. 

I submitted a design to a RAYGUN's poster contest, themed "racial justice", and wanted to share it. The chosen designs (artists will be notified in the coming week) will benefit the artist and also SURJ KC. SURJ KC is a local organization in KC that is focused on rallying people to "SHOW UP" for racial injustices. It's a great message, and I'm excited that RAYGUN (as usual) is using their business platform to invest in their communities and be vocal about issues that affect those communities. 

So if you're feeling like you're in the blender with me and #45, it's time to take action. Action can be lots of different things: protesting with SURJ KC or other local organizations trying to make change, making art, donating money or time (or both!) to organizations focused on helping disenfranchised populations in your city, being a kind neighbor, calling out racial injustices (including jokes) as they happen, etc. Use your resources, skills, and heart to put good into the world whenever and wherever you can.